series 1

Shannon Buyer woke up January 1st 2014, with her eye on the prize.  This was the year that she would achieve her dream of homeownership.  She was an aspiring first time home buyer that had absolutely no idea of the roller coaster ride she was about to embark on.  Shannon, a 2013 graduate of Ole Miss took a leap of faith and accepted a job as a salesperson at a start up software company.  She  knew her  road to success would be a challenge since her pay was commission and her bonus would be based on her performance with a new company, and in Mississippi it is not what you know it’s who you know.


Shannon remembered her college roommates mother lived in Jackson and happened to be a realtor.   Shannon thought Jane would be a great starting point on her journey to buy her first home and make memories.  Who better to help you navigate the treacherous uncharted waters of the real estate market and put you in touch with a licensed lender who knew the right fit for financing. A graduate of University of Mississippi in Business Marketing Shannon had a drive when she graduated, to work for a company with the ability to prove her stake in the company’s growth and set on a path of independence which is the American Dream, homeownership.

Jane Realtor a 25 year veteran in Real Estate known in the market as the CowGirl Lady because she wore this colorful CowGirl Hat which was on all of Jane’s real estate literature was eager to assist Shannon.  Born and raised in the area Jane knew most all the homes and their characteristics as well as those that have moved in and out of the homes over the years.  Getting to know such surroundings of the market took Jane years to accomplish and her memory was extremely sharp with details on just about every home that had sold.  Jane could remember the original colors of most homes any renovations were started as well as how many children have grown up in the home and have since moved out, even down to what the children were up to today such as college and their current occupations.   Truly with this much knowledge made Jane the perfect contact for real estate inquiries such as these.   The initial visit with Jane exposed Shannon to some harsh realities of homeownership as Jane encouraged Shannon to seek mortgage financing counseling as Jane felt being fully commissioned and only one year on with her employer would have some limitations of qualifying since Shannon was not quite two years on her job with reported commission income.   Shannon took some advice from Jane and asked her for a mortgage lender recommendation so she could certify this advice.  Jane happily provided her with someone she felt knew the mortgage market and could shed some light on this concern for qualifying for a mortgage loan.  Shannon was determined even if the news would delay her reality of homeownership for now, as Shannon had a driven personality.


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