Yeah Right!
Yeah Right!

The Holiday’s is soon coming to an end at this weekend’s sunset.   For most Americans the hangover effect from days on end within the confides of your home with relatives in your face or you in the confides of your relatives home with you in their face for hours on end snacking on leftovers sitting on the counter brings most anyone to a breaking point to be DRIVEN.   The ability to be controlled by a person or source of power is one of the definitions of DRIVEN, interesting right?  I mean lets face it during the Holiday stays at a relatives home our heads are bent over at 45 degrees facing our controlled devices connected globally surfing the net to find some source of solitude to help us make it through the next few hours or days before we get back into a routine.  Am I right?  My personal home literally backs up to the Natchez Trace Multi Purpose Trail where I run and walk almost daily and in the past week I have seen new faces that I have never seen before on this very trail.  I got a laugh when I saw two walkers the other day one in heels and the other wearing blue jeans walking lost on the trail behind my home knowing that the closest starting point to park their car and get on the trail was a mile up making that walk look totally uncomfortable.  But I knew what was going on, these two walkers more than likely were out of town and trapped in a relative’s home DRIVEN out of those confides to get a fresh of breath air and take their own nature walk, even if the nature walk is uncomfortable in heels or blue jeans.  Its amazing what we set our minds to accomplish when faced with time to reflect during the Holiday Season.   Being trapped in ones home with others sometimes is like cabin fever; however, with to much leftover food to eat and all the drama of our family as your dessert.  Isn’t the Holiday’s a fantastic time to get DRIVEN?  No wonder New Years Resolutions are so popular every year.   Nothing seems to be make some DRIVEN than the image of a bunch of relatives in a home for hours or days on end complaining, eating, sleeping, laughing, crying, or giving you world advice all for the sake of Happy Holidays.  Who wouldn’t want to get some exercise, change their diet, get in shape, or change the world when faced with related diversity of your own kin.   Let’s face it we all look in the mirror reflecting back on our own Holidays visits with relatives asking ourselves, “Am I going to be like that, look like that, or become that person?”  So off we go DRIVEN to some higher cause attempting to make that change be it physical, spiritual, financial, or whatever else you have in the menu for a New Year.   One of the funniest satires of DRIVEN change is the inability to continue that drive for the following year.  No further do we have to look than our need to look and feel different for the new year.   So in the example of physical fitness we go join a paid membership to a a gym of sorts every new year.   Health Plex Facilities love us every time this part of the year comes around.   At this onsite of contemplation of taking on a new task we physically start sprinting to the finish line with proper training  removed from our vocabulary.   Lets jut get in the gym and make it happen becomes our motto, with all the sweat, blood, and tears we can endure lasting all of 30 days before we quit, doesn’t that sound like a recipe for success?

Just Put That On My Tab!
Just Put That On My Tab!

You know who you are, right? You know from previous attempts and past trial and error that the likelihood of your past accomplishments have not been that successful so what would make this time any different?  Now your older, wiser, and life is getting shorter and yet you are still doing the same things you have been doing for years with no results and still setting the same resolution each year.  Maybe there is satire in this story, maybe we all are no different in our choices than our own kin we see once a year during those Holiday Seasons.   Every New Year we buy things, do things, and explore things hoping the outcome will be exactly what our internal vision resembles.  Most often our outcome is very short of what we initially thought.  Some of our resolution requests for a New Year are small while others are large and they all have the same ingredient, a drive to be or do something different.

So the next time you are deciding to sprint to the finish line without thinking of the time, effort, and patience it takes to see, feel, and live the training of those results only to find yourself exasperated from that workout giving up after just 30 days.  Just stop for a minute reflect and remember that life is a Marathon not a Sprint!  Change takes time and effort which is not defined by any new year!  Happy New Year!


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