I love this Statement!
I love this Statement!

In a world of LOOK AT ME and LOOK AT ME NOW I love the statement above!   I cannot and will not provide a promise I cannot keep in my industry of mortgage lending.  The #1 reason is I cannot afford such irresponsible and over promising with no results that I see other lenders do time and time again.  In a world where the emotions are so high on a transaction that is the largest personal transaction you will ever make, buying a your home,  there just isn’t any room for error in my world.   Like I mentioned in earlier blog, buying a home is 3rd to Death and Divorce, so anxiety is extremely high for some.   So I always side with caution when advising my client(s) and I always try to promise little and deliver more!   Now this does not come cheap and this does not come fast.

A Good Read!
A Good Read!

I like to refer to my service to the Nordstrom Way of customer service.  So the next time you are window shopping for a mortgage ask repeat the picture statement above before you make that mortgage inquiry and Know Before you Owe!

More Clients Need This!
More Clients Need This!

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