Why 2nd Place is the Perfect Place!

Why 2nd Place is the Best Place!

In a world where everybody or every institution is on a quest to capture that  First Place position is for a lack of a better word without sounding lazy exhausting.  I get asked often if we have best rate in our market of mortgage lending and my response is we have the 2nd Best Rate in town.   The client usually is pondered with my response and wants to know why in the world would I say such,  and if I am #2 who is #1?  My response is very simple, “In a world where everyone is #1 I decided long time ago that being #2 is an available slot that is not coveted and less crowded which allows my talents to shine brighter in a field where others only seem to care about one thing, being that in that #1 position!”   My observation is that if you set your sights on being the best at what you do in your career with your only main focus of being in that First Place position without maintaining a meaningful balance your going to be dissatisfied with the results.   Records are meant to be broken and when it comes to one’s business its more important that focus be emphasized on longevity than current rankings.  

Don’t get me wrong if you are young and/or new at your new position maybe you should give being #1 a test drive and let me know how long you last before your tank is empty.   If you look around in the business world I am sure you can see many companies or business entrepeneurs who applied to much gas on their throttle only for them to completely reevaluate, start over, or worse go out of business.   In my world of mortgage lending it too has its rankings for which I recognize but no longer care about because it’s not my passion to beat the clock every month.  I am most interested in the journey.  Last I read the mortgage rankings Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc is no where near number one and not even a close second either, but this does not define our company or its people.  Call it age or call it getting old!   As I see it, as long as you are passionate about what you do in such a way that it accommodates the business needs of your business goals and provides you with a happier experience which provides your customers/clients being happy then you are already in the driver’s seat at First Place.   Don’t get me wrong you most definitely need common sense, good foresight, and the other variables for a successful business; however, being just focused on the prize of 1st Place will only set you up for a position to fail.  Records are meant to be broken and so will yours so get use to it, so find the path that gives you consistency in your business life and carry on.  Remember having a successful business is about the journey and what you learn on that journey will define your talents, not the ranking.


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