FOR SALE- Greatest Deal EVER!


I just read about the Best Deal Ever!  It went something like this

Tractor – FOR SALE


Missing Steering Wheel and Seat!  Great for someone who has loss their ass and does not know which way to turn!

It’s an old joke that has much meaning as at one time or another we all have been hooked on these very like minded statements.  But when it comes to buying a house there needs to be little to no room for error.  For instance,  in the past two weeks I have literally handled 2 rescued mortgage loans from banks/lenders who cannot close, (the story of my life repairing what others cannot close) communicate effectively, or deliver the goods to the client(s) and now I have 3 current clients that tell me their Real Estate Agent Sucks and couldn’t find their way out of a wet paper bag.   So you tell me how great of a deal those clients have right now?  Not good!  It truly sounds like they had no idea on where to go and where to turn on the largest personal transaction they will ever make in their lifetime, buying a house.   So please for the love of everything that is sacred please Know Before You Owe!

Who is your Lender or Real Estate Agent?

If life was EASY or STRAIGHTFORWARD then I personally would like to know what street you live on.  But our life journey is and will be an up and down hill journey so get ready as buying a house is no different.  Read the fine print, ask questions, challenge your mortgage lenders, and real estate agents for detailed hard questions and take time to get to know who you are about to saddle up with for the next 45-60 days when it comes to buying a house.   If you need further detailed information on how to get properly trained to run a house hunting/approval marathon please give me a call and let me send you a training guide so you are not the victim of the Best Deal Ever!


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