Black-Friday is the NEW Cyber-Monday


For the first time in many years I  briefly shopped for the first time on the BLACK FRIDAY; however, my trip was to a large big box store called Home Depot not your typical spot to go on Black Friday, but I needed more christmas lights and to my surprise the lights I wanted that were normally $9 were selling for $6, so of course I bought more than I needed and returned what I did not need the next day.  But basically in short the origins of Black Friday are not that old, according to my research and the City of Brother Love has much to thank for this now know name.


As the saying goes, “All Good Things Must Soon Come to An End!”   For the past few years economists are shifting from saying Black Friday as being the biggest shopping day of the year to Cyber-Monday being the largest shopping day of the year, or if not the largest the 2nd largest day of the year.  It want to be long before Black Friday is nothing more than a thing of the past.   I can just hear the conversation from my young daughters many years from now asking me about what the fuss was all about the day after Thanksgiving.   My oldest daughter who is 11 years of age had high anticipation about Black Friday since she is of an age where she understands and has much access to the global gadgets we all have in our hands.  She downloaded an app that told you what merchants had the best discounts on Black Friday.  She soon realized with her high anticipation that the discount did not warrant fighting traffic and long lines as my wife entertained her with a few retail stops after I left Home Depot.  It all lasted less than 2 hours to say the least and she stated, “I will just get what I need on-line. ”




New School

The Real Estate/Mortgage Industry is a fair comparison to Cyber-Monday.  According to Research for many years now 90% of potential buyers do their shopping for a home online first.   Long gone are the days where a client calls a Real Estate Agent inquiring about what their housing needs are in hopes the Agent comes back with the right ingredient of a house to go preview and actually picks you up to go show you the home.  Remember those days?  Now the client finds the home online, only to call the agent whose paid sponsored mug is next to the house the client would like to preview, as the picture above showcases today’s house shopping trends.   So now Real Estate Agents are scrambling to find their niche in a constant changing e-commerce world.   Even my industry  mortgage lending has changed dramatically thanks to the internet and ability to send documents via email. I remember when clients just 8 years ago would venture into my office to provide me with an in-depth mortgage application face to face.  Now who wants to fight traffic and meet up with a mortgage lender across town to give them an application face to face along with necessary financial information when you can do everything front he leisure of your own home and laptop computer.  Gone too are those face to face days!  Now my clients prefer online applications and e-faxing/scanning me financials documents.  I email documents to sign and return back via email or e-fax making the process smoother and less labor intensive.   Now I have a $25k copier/scanner to be my receptionist and hold all my financials in a secure server at Corporate.  That is right, I don’t have not one open file folder in my office on any particular client.  It’s all online and completely secure under mandated approved regulation. It has changed my business so much that I ended up closing down a large office that had too much office space.   I now work in a 100 square foot office space with three chairs and my that $25k copier/scanner.  My personal processing team is in another state where we video conference each a.m. to go over ongoing files.  That’s right I video conference my processing team, no more Fed Ex files back and forth like we did 10 years ago.  Wow, how things have changed!   The question is have you?  If not you better be prepared.  I encourage you to read a book entitled, “Who Moved My Cheese!”  Its a quick read and a good book that encompasses everyday life changes that we must somehow adapt and the book has nothing to do with Real Estate and/or Mortgage lending and is 16 years old.  So go check it out!  Let me know if your Cheese has been Moved?  It looks like Cyber Monday is the new Black Friday!


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