Renovating a Perfectly Good House! Why?

A Beautiful Southern Home that by most standards needs no updating!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and when it comes to ones home most all Sellers and Real Estate Agents think their house or listing is a Gem, or as I hear often from Real Estate Agents, it’s Good Bone House, acronym meaning that nothing is wrong with the house, but I would not buy it.  So why would someone take a perfectly move in ready home like this one above that we recently closed on under a Conventional Renovation Mortgage and completely renovate it, even if the kitchen was remodeled less than 7 years ago?


My question is why does any seller/real estate agent/buyer as a consumer update things that are working perfectly fine.  Think about it, from our cars, phones, clothes, of other fashionable decorations whenever we are ready for an update we just buy it off the rack or car lot, literally because we can and its attainable.  But when it comes to a home its a totally different story.  LIke a deer in headlights we look at a home as nothing more than, BUY AS IS and worry with all the other needed repairs be required or desired after we buy a home.  Thankfully we have those large Big Box Stores like Home Depot and Lowes ready to charge up our credit cards right after closing and of course endure more debt so that we can accomplish that HGTV effect.

So when these clients approached me they insistently told me that they wanted to renovate this home as the kitchen was not up to their standards because is had dark cabinets, the flooring was dated, and the bathrooms needed updating.  However, they were limited with funds to do such after closing and felt this process was going to be years in the making.   Their agent told them that paint does wonders, really? When the realized there was a conventional renovation mortgage that I offered that allowed them to put all the renovation repairs into one note, one close, and with all work beginning the day after closing without them have to forfeit their own funds are wait years to accomplish this feat we were full speed ahead.  Total time to close from start to finish  took no more than 31 days tops, not bad right?  Unfortunately neither the Seller/Listing Agent or Buyers Agent made in reference to such programs as the Listing Agent thought this house was a Gem and the Buyers Agent felt it was a Good Bone House.   So thankfully co-workers talk shop at work and brought this program to their attention and the client to my front doorstep at  Enjoy the Rehab Pictures with many AFTER Pictures to follow later.  So if you are having a tough time selling your house contact me so I can give you the ends and outs on this program and/or refer you to an agent that cal sell your house to move quickly with these programs.   If you are a potential client and want a fixer upper or awaiting a home that fits your ideas, call me and lets chat.

IMG_0908 IMG_0910 IMG_0907 IMG_0904


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