Why SINKS and DINKS LOVE Renovation!


Define the acronym SINKS and DINKS or can you?   If not you might want to take notes that unless you are not in the business of selling products/services that matter to this genre of potential buyers.  SINKS, (WINKS Women Income No Kids) are Single Income No Kids and DINKS are Double Income No Kids.  In the World of Mortgage Lending the SINKS and DINKS are becoming a very important commodity to our business model.   I am sure you are wondering why?  Well, to me it’s  pretty simple.   For the most significant reason from my personal observation is that SINKS and DINKS  are an important buying power that can get overlooked because they have interests that aren’t significantly defined by a traditional lifestyle standard.   Mainly they have the ability to use time to their advantage leaving you wondering, WHY!   SINKS and DINKS are not quick to make a large buying decisions out of emotion, especially ones that have huge significant economic decisions such as buying a home.   I for one originate Renovation Mortgages in a heavy populated market  in New Orleans, LA and many of the buyers I come in contact with are SINKS and a close second would be DINKS.   They seem to be passionate about their personal interests, caring about their community and others, but mindful to make sure their best interest are represented to fit within their personal lifestyle choices even if they have to wait.   It is not uncommon for me to get inquisitive inquiries from SINKS  or DINKS about Renovation Programs that I originate only for them to do more research not only into my work but also into the Real Estate Agent’s personality that best Represents them without you or I ever knowing we were being analyzed and scanned.   Case in point I have the opportunity at times to refer out business to Real Estate Agent(s) due to inquiries on  the Renovation Mortgages we originate as you definitely need to work with an agent that understands the clients pathway to homeownership with these particular programs.  So it is not shocking to find out later after the referral has been placed for me to ask my client on how their experience was with the Real Estate Agent I just referred.   I do this to see if the Real Estate Agent is listening to the client and not just hearing what they are saying.  I find it comical that many times on my follow up with my clients that the Real Estate Agent in this example was giving to much attention to my clients Significant Other when in fact my client was not only the decision maker, mortgagor,  but the reason why they were housing hunting in the first place.  Yes, the Real Estate Agent identified the wrong decision maker, therefore, my client(s) got turned off, uninterested, and found another agent that best suits their standards of buying a home without as much making a single fuss or drama about their decision to that Real Estate Agent they just quietly fired.  I come to find out only weeks later my client(s) finally found a home with a completely different agent.  Surprising to you but not surprising to me.  Not everyone has a family with kids and mayhem.   SINKS and DINKS are patient, they have time, they research, the politely question, they are not rushed, they make decisions without making a fuss and they have disposable income.  And that is why they come to me and buy a home and renovate it under once close mortgage loan with all the work to begin the day after closing, because they can.  As the SINKS and DINKS watch their house turn into a home during renovation while next door the other buyers who are just moving with kids running around the yard while both spouses are fussing at each other to get the moving truck unloaded efficiently with boxes staying stacked ceiling high for months. The SINKS and DINKS seeing this fiasco just plot along with all their boxes unpacked and broken down nicely with a finished renovated home at the end of the day.  Yes the SINKS and DINKS do exist in our global buying world; however, do you know who they are?


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