What does your Real Estate Agent Look Like?

Too Funny!

Ok we all have seen their business cards or Facebook Profile, and many times what you see is NOT what you get when face to face with your Real Estate Agent.   I visit other markets where I  am licensed to originate mortgages and get the opportunity to come face to face with many of the Real Estate Agents while collecting many business cards as well as connect with them via social media.   So I too get first hand experience of the picture not matching the person in front of me.

What Year Was This Taken?

Thinking I might be the only person that thinks like this I have asked a variety of Real Estate Agents and Customers over the years and they too share the same sentiment as well as a good laugh as many blogs exist in dedication to this as its not just me showcasing these same experiences.    I do think there was a time where such Glamour, Bubba, and or Hat Lady Photos were relevant and really identified an Agents Brand as that was the first thing you saw; however, utilizing some of these marketing tactics in todays global connected world makes even me question some of these marketing tactics.   So the moral of this story is that today’s connected world is as important than ever for us to wear our part according to our brands generation placement or risk being left behind and not relevant to todays business fashion.    Look no further than the master of branding,  Apple Computer!   Apple is completely true to their brand unlike any other product/service on this planet; however, look closely how the Apple Logo has changed without compromising Apples vision.    Apple itself has changed many different attires over the years to be relevant to today’s sleek standards.    Maybe its time your Real Estate Agent does the same!


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