Where is your Acres of Diamonds?

The story below that you are about to read is one of the most profound lectures of the late 19th Century and repeated over 6000 times by the Orator himself, Mr. Russell Herman Conwell, b. 1843 & d. 1925,  who is the founder of Temple University.  The story goes something like this;

There was once a wealthy man named Ali Hafed who lived not far from the River Indus. “He was contented because he was wealthy, and wealthy because he was contented.” One day a priest visited Ali Hafed and told him about diamonds.

Ali Hafed heard all about diamonds, how much they were worth, and went to his bed that night a poor man. He had not lost anything, but he was poor because he was discontented, and discontented because he feared he was poor.

Ali Hafed sold his farm, left his family, and traveled to Palestine and then to Europe searching for diamonds. He did not find them. His health and his wealth failed him. Dejected, he cast himself into the sea.

One day, the man who had purchased Ali Hafed’s farm found a curious sparkling stone in a stream that cut through his land. It was a diamond. Digging produced more diamonds — acres of    diamonds were found.  The parable of the story references back to the famed diamonds of Galconda.   

The moral of the story is simple.  We think pastures are greener next door when in reality the reason why greener pastures are greener is nothing more than hard work and proper nurturing.  This does not mean if you go digging in your backyard tomorrow or try to develop a piece of Real Estate Deal that fortunes will soon arrive.  But considering what options you have around you while utilizing hard work, time, common sense, good foresight, honesty, integrity, and of course good intelligence for your endeavors might just produce those Acres of Diamonds you have been searching.  As you do not have to sail the highest seas, travel the far side of other world, climb the highest mountain, or live in the biggest city to accomplish the conquest of your own Acres of Diamonds.

It was a journalist that asked Andrew Carnegie to define success and how he was able to produce so much wealth and make so many investors rich.   His simple reply was, “You have to move allot or Dirt to find an Ounce of Gold!”   

I will let you be your own judge on what it takes to accomplish your own aspirations.   I too have a vision and determination to help homeowners into a home and not a house.  For over  six years I have focused my attention on Renovation Mortgage Lending and Energy Efficient Mortgages in a country where this form of attention only gets a fraction of attention compared to the millions of  closed transactions yearly.   Look no further to the syndicated programs and their popularity on HGTV  as I believe more Americans are aspiring that style of home but fall flat footed when they go house searching as what they see on TV does not exist in their own backyard.  Or does it?  So it has become my mission to provide them with this informative and useful opportunities that I am licensed to close/fund that will sustain their homes for years and create that finish they always wanted in a home.  While other Real Estate Agents/Lenders are out selling Lemons for their clients to squeeze those renovations themselves after they buy a home I prefer to give them Lemonade at time of purchase so they can accomplish this task of renovation at time of closing without having to utilize their credit card or other indebtedness to accomplish what the really wanted in a home in the first place.


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