Today and Now!

Somebody's Feet Fits These Boots!
Somebody’s Feet Fits These Boots!

How the world has changed!   Last night after I picked up my daughter from from play practice from her school 9:30 p.m., (wow that is late for a school night)  we spoke in the car on the way home about her day, play practice as the actual play starts this week, and of course tomorrow’s activities as tomorrow was just 3.5 hours away from starting.   Arriving at home and getting ready for I would imagine at any home these days is to get charged up for tomorrow before you go to bed.   My daughter now works daily with an Apple MacPro at school, so every night that computer has to be charged up or she could face disciplinary actions at school if there is no juice as there is not direct plug in at her desk.  She also needs to make sure her cell phone due to the activities that occur after school that of course us parents need to know times and places to meet up.   So the next a.m. when all two of my daughters are awakening along with myself and my wife we do the normal routine to get ready to go forward for our day.  But this morning was different as my phone was vibrating from a call from my daughter on her personal phone.  They had been pulled out of the driveway for about 10 minutes in route for drop off to school.    She said, “Dad here is mom!”   My wife said, “I left my phone somewhere on the kitchen table do you see it?”  I replied, “Yes I do!” She then asked, “Can I meet you up at Starbucks so I can retrieve my phone as I will be cutting it close to an appointment?”   As I sat in line to get a Cup of Joe at Starbucks which is literally about a mile from our home but easy picking up distance form the interstate in case you are in route somewhere close to our interstate my wife walked in Starbucks grabbed the phone with a beautiful smile and said, “Thank you as this is my daily life line!”   It was just like that, speeding home last night on the way home, a phone call this morning that something was missing, and today is about 20 degrees cooler and everyone is wearing a jacket. How things can change so fast today and now, and almost immediate.  Are you ready? Are you Charged UP? I am especially ready after my Cup of Joe.   Today its a birthday and tomorrow your at the beach.  Wow how things change so fast when you are living life today and now!

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