Trick OR Treat?

Happy Halloween!  What better way to start a Halloween weekend off than to have it on a FRIDAY and of course perfect weather.   So as my family and I  prepare our Halloween festivities my wife and I debated on what type of candy to TREAT.  You see we love sweets but we are extremely active in our lifestyles, (swimming, running, cycling) and if we get Candy we normally enjoy we might find our selves with to many sweet leftovers to nibble on later.  However, if we get candy we don’t like and there are left overs then we want have the worries of such choices as we want desire to nibble on whats leftover.   In the end we agreed the final choice is our desired choice to get what we like which normally is what our kids like and if our kids like it kids will follow, but the #TREAT is to give as much away so we are left with no leftovers.  If we do run out of candy and someone knocks at my door I can always use the Maltese vs the Dancing Candy Corn to #TRICK the kids.


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